News Stories

Links to Online News Stories written for Voice of the Cape Website: District Six residents up in arms over poorly constructed homes Metrorail steps up as National bus strike looms National Shutdown driven by liberal cause to “unite” South Africa IHATA shelter faces difficulties as International Donor cuts funding Democratic Alliance tiptoes around Israel’s Apartheid […]


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The 5th Element – Five Feminist perspectives from Ake Arts and Book Festival 2017

By Rafieka Williams for Genevieve Magazine For it’s fifth edition The Ake Arts and Book Festival focused on “This F-Word” as a theme. The festival highlighted female authors, artists, academics and performers working to forward the Feminist movement. Speaking to some of the guests at the festival, we asked what “This F-Word” means to them. […]

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Lessons from Ama Ata Aidoo

By Rafieka Williams for Genevieve Magazine  Described as being “subversively confident” by one of the guests at Ake Arts and Book Festival this year,  Ama Ata Aidoo is one of the few female African writers who is both fierce in her stance on African feminism and gentle in her love for writing. Now, at the […]

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Five minutes with Nnedi Okorafor

By Rafieka Williams for Genevieve Magazine  As a leading name in African Science Fiction, Nnedi Okorafor is making her mark in literature by creating worlds that we as Africans never knew could exist for us. Her work combines the subtlety of African Storytelling with the technicality of Science Fiction, breathing life into our vague understanding […]

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Feature Stories

Online feature length stories and opinion pieces compiled for Voice of the Cape Website   A Moment of Reflection: Do Cape Muslims need to change the way they do charity? Zapiro latest cartoon highlights the need for new political discourse  Anti-Zuma march in Cape Town exposes middle class concerns  Top Ten developments in the Cape Muslim […]

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News Inserts

Short radio news inserts that I compiled for Voice of the Cape radio. [Originally aired 31 March 2017 on the Breakfast show] Social Justice Coalition members staged a silent protest during the City of Cape Town’s (CoCT’s) budget where SJC members put on masks of Mayor Patricia de Lille’s face and held up posters that […]

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In-depth Coverage

Features for Voice of the Cape radio, written, produced and narrated by Rafieka Williams [Originally aired 17 March 2017 on the Breakfast show] President Jacob Zuma and Social Development minister may have assured that 17 million grant beneficiaries will be paid out next month but fears of non-payment are brimming among those who most affected. […]

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Literature Talk

A list of interviews I did with writers discussing literature and the arts. Khadija Tracey Carmelita Heeger was born Cape Town. She was raised on the Cape Flats in the township of Hanover Park. She started performing when she was nine years old, her dream was to be an actress, but at 15, she started […]

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Decolonising the Literary landscape

Questions of race and colonial structures of literature brought to the fore at the Jacana Media discussion about decolonising the literary landscape. This year the Franschoek Literary Festival (FLF) opened up a whole can of worms about the dominance of white privilege in the literary space when Author Thando Mqgolozana said that he was fed […]

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